House Selling Service
What is the most difficult part for a Chinese seller in Victoria?

There are lots of decisions to make and details to take care of. Even if the English of a Chinese seller is very good, he or she typically still like to find a Chinese-speaking agent due to similaries in cultural background and easyness of communication.

Dealing with real estate transactions sounds easy. However, it is very redious, step after another step. Any missed step could have severe consequences and could cause significant financial losses.

If you add our wechat contact, and call us, you are essentially placing your important real estate needs into trustworth hands!

We provide the following complete package of selling services:

- Free estimate: we will come to your house to do an estimate, and answer any questions.

- Market analysis: we will use CMA analytical approach, combined with assessment value, neighborhood sales for the last 6 to 1 year, current conditions etc to give you our best estimate of listing price.

- Listing preparation: we will give you advice on how to prepare your house to be listed on the market, and provide staging helps.

- Photography and Floor Plans: we will hire professionals to do measurements, photography or make HD videos, floor plans.

- Promotion: we will list your house on MLS and other real estate markets, local media and overseas web sites.

- 24 x 7 service: we book showing appointments for potential buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Open houses: we will arrange at least 2 open houses to show the house to the public.

- Negotiation: once an offer comes, we will negotiate with the buyer to get you the most from the offer. We will also explain to you the purchase contract to you in details.

- Service afterwards: once the deal is complete we can also help you with other needs.




看看我们独家挂牌的房子,既有近400万的Uplands海边豪宅,也有市区的小公寓,还有西边新区Langford的联排。 这么多客户的信任,是绝对有道理的!

We have lived and worked in Victoria over a decade. We have used different agents in the past. All the service items were about the same. however, the communication was always an issue. There are lots of communications between us and our own agent. Very often we have different ideas and and thoughts, such as how to price the house, how to market the house, should we accept an offer, how to counter offer. To persuade other agents, especially in English, was quite challenge to us. However, communications with Bill Liu was quite straight forward - he always told us what he thought about a house, very objectively. That's why we chose Bill to buy and sell our properties. Highly recommended!

Mr. Mao.