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Welcome to visit Victoria Real Estate Market (vicfang.com). Buying a home, whether for self-occupation or investment, to obtain effective information is the first step to success. We provide the latest and most comprehensive first-hand property information in Greater Victoria. All the listings, the properties listed on the same day, you can see on the same day.

You must have discovered that the information provided by our entire network is simple, clean, and at a glance, without fancy gimmicks, all of which are real "dry goods".

We just don't want to waste your precious time when searching for properties.

If you want to search for your property in the entire country, use realtor.ca as it covers everywhere.

If you want to focus on Victoria, then VicFang.com provides the niche. We specialize in Victoria Real Estate Market. Many Chinese looking for houses have come to Vicfang.com for property information.

Do you need to find a house in Victoria? Need the recent market report? Want to know more details about a property? The neighborhood sales situation? Need to be picked up from airport or ferryy terminal? Need a good banker, home inspector, lawyer, property manager? No matter what you need, contact us and we will try to find the solution for you.

We will help you settle down in Victoria.

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Vicfang.com is run by Bill Liu, the licensed realtor @Pemberton Holmes. Pemberton Holmes has been in real estate trading service since 1887 (not 1987), and now it's the sixth generation. A hundred years of word of mouth, passed down from generation to generation.

Address: 150 – 805 Cloverdale Avenue, Victoria, B.C. V8X 2S9